Play for Today – “Country”

Trevor’s film Country will be shown at 10.30 pm on Monday 12th October 2020 on BBC4 as part of the BBC’s celebrations of the 50th anniversary of the first Play for Today.

A major documentary about the origins, achievements and controversies of the series – Drama out of a Crisis: a celebration of Play for Today – precedes Country at 9pm on BBC4. Read more

Food For Ravens (1997)

Television film with Brian Cox as Aneurin Bevan, Sinead Cusack as Jenny Lee and Dean Carey Davies.   Written and directed by Trevor Griffiths. BBC Wales, 1997.

Winner of the Royal Television Society award for Best Regional Programme 1997 and the Gwyn A Williams award at the Welsh BAFTAs.

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Hope in The Year Two (1994)

BBC TV.  With Jack Shepherd and Tom Bowles. Directed by Elijah Moshinsky, produced by Ann Scott.

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The Party (1988)

Andrew Keir, Jack Shepherd, Ken Cranham, Oliver Cotton

Andrew Keir, Jack Shepherd, Ken Cranham, Oliver Cotton

BBC television version of the 1973 stage play, produced to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the events of May 1968.  Directed by Sebastian Graham-Jones.  Produced by Norman McCandlish for BBC Scotland.

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The Last Place on Earth (1985)

7-part series for Central Television, with Martin Shaw as Captain Scott, Max von Sydow as Nansen, Sverre Anker Ousdal as Amundsen.  Directed by Ferdinand Fairfax.

Published as Judgement Over the Dead  by Verso.

Available on dvd.

Oi For England (1982)

First broadcast on Central Television in April 1982.  With Neil Pearson, Adam Kotz, Gavin Richards.  Directed by Tony Smith.  Produced by Sue Birtwhistle. 

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The Cherry Orchard (1981)

BBC TV, 1981.  Television version of Trevor Griffiths’ 1977 stage play.  With Judi Dench, Bill Paterson, Anton Lesser.  Directed by Richard Eyre.

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Country (1981)

Full title:  Country: ‘A Tory Story’.   First broadcast on BBC TV in the autumn of 1981.   With James Fox, Wendy Hiller, Leo McKern, Joan Greenwood, Penelope Wilton.  Directed by Richard Eyre, produced by Ann Scott

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Sons and Lovers (1981)

A 6-part adaptation of the novel by D H Lawrence, for BBC TV, first broadcast in 1981.  With Karl Johnson as Paul Morel, Tom Bell as Mr Morel, Eileen Atkins as Mrs Morel.  Directed by Stuart Burge.

“Why Lawrence, Sons and Lovers, now, and in Britain?  There are many answers, big and small, but one will have to suffice.  I chose to do this work because, under all the incipient mysticism of the perception, under the incipient derogation of women, under the increasingly ugly politics, there is, in this Lawrence, and vibrantly so, a powerful and radical celebration of dignity in resistance within working-class culture in industrial class-societies; as well as a dark, tortured cry against the waste of human resources such societies require as part of their logic.  It is no bad thing to be saying when unemployment has reached over three million.”    Trevor Griffiths, 1981

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Comedians (1979)

TV adaptation of the theatre play.  BBC, 1979.  With Jonathan Pryce and Bill Fraser.  Directed By Richard Eyre.

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