Sons and Lovers

The screenplays of Trevor Griffiths’ television adaptation of D H Lawrence’s novel.

published by Spokesman Books in 1982  (

Oi for England

Published by Spokesman Books in Trevor Griffiths: Theatre Plays Two  (2007)

First published by Faber & Faber in 1982

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Oi For England (1982)

First broadcast on Central Television in April 1982.  With Neil Pearson, Adam Kotz, Gavin Richards.  Directed by Tony Smith.  Produced by Sue Birtwhistle. 

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Oi for England (1982)

Stage version of the television play.  First performed at the Royal Court Theatre, London on 9 June 1982, as part of the Young People’s Play Scheme.  With Paul McGann, Robin Hayter, Paul Moriarty, Dorian Healy, Beverley Martin. Directed by Antonia Bird.  Followed by a touring production by Nottingham Playhouse Theatre in Education.

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