Food For Ravens (1997)

Television film with Brian Cox as Aneurin Bevan, Sinead Cusack as Jenny Lee and Dean Carey Davies.   Written and directed by Trevor Griffiths. BBC Wales, 1997.

Winner of the Royal Television Society award for Best Regional Programme 1997 and the Gwyn A Williams award at the Welsh BAFTAs.

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Who Shall be Happy…? (1995)

Stage version of the television play Hope in the Year Two.  First performed at the Belfast Festival in 1995, with Stanley Townsend as Danton and Kulvinder Ghir as Henry.   Written and directed by Trevor Griffiths.  Produced by Mad Cow Productions.  Subsequently toured in Europe and in England, with a season at the Bush Theatre in London.

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The Gulf Between Us (1992)

First performed at the West Yorkshire Playhouse, Leeds, in January 1992.  With  Akram Telawe, Dave Hill , Kulvinder Ghir, Selwa Naqqara, Yacoub Abu Arafeh, Ahmad Abo Sal’oum.   Written and directed by Trevor Griffiths.  Produced in association with The Building Company.

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Saint Oscar

A play about Oscar Wilde by Terry Eagleton, with Stephen Rea as Wilde. Directed by Trevor Griffiths.  Produced by Field Day Theatre Company.  First performed in Derry in 1989 and subsequently toured Ireland including Belfast,  Dublin and Galway, followed by a season at the Hampstead Theatre Club in London.

Real Dreams (1984)

First performed at the Williamstown Theatre Festival, Massachussetts;  with Scott Burkholder, Kevin Spacey, Dylan Baker, Robin Bartlett, Nina Bernstein, Nick Brooks, Sonia Jaeger, Lucinda Jenney, Charles McCaughan, José Santana, Jon Tenney and Ashton Wise.   Written and directed by Trevor Griffiths. 

London premiere, Royal Shakespeare Company at the Barbican, 1986; with Gary Oldman and Adrian Dunbar; directed by Ron Daniels.

Real Dreams is based on a short story, Revolution in Cleveland,  by Jeremy Pikser.

Real Dreams  is respectfully dedicated to those many Americans who continue to struggle for justice and equality against all the odds in a land, long mad, whose Dream has by now become, almost literally, the rest of the world’s nightmare; and if to one in particular, to the friend, comrade and writer of promise who gave me his story.”  (Trevor Griffiths, 1987) 

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