Sons and Lovers (1981)

A 6-part adaptation of the novel by D H Lawrence, for BBC TV, first broadcast in 1981.  With Karl Johnson as Paul Morel, Tom Bell as Mr Morel, Eileen Atkins as Mrs Morel.  Directed by Stuart Burge.

“Why Lawrence, Sons and Lovers, now, and in Britain?  There are many answers, big and small, but one will have to suffice.  I chose to do this work because, under all the incipient mysticism of the perception, under the incipient derogation of women, under the increasingly ugly politics, there is, in this Lawrence, and vibrantly so, a powerful and radical celebration of dignity in resistance within working-class culture in industrial class-societies; as well as a dark, tortured cry against the waste of human resources such societies require as part of their logic.  It is no bad thing to be saying when unemployment has reached over three million.”    Trevor Griffiths, 1981

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