These are the Times: A life of Thomas Paine

An original screenplay written for Richard Attenborough but as yet unproduced.

published by Spokesman Books in 2005  (

“I am reading Griffiths with envy and admiration.  These Are The Times reads like the greatest of novels and is the most thrilling read I’ve had in years.  It is a gorgeous pageant of American idealism, of which we have been starved during the latter half of my lifetime.”  Kurt Vonnegut

“Politically searching, dramatically compelling and superbly entertaining, These Are The Times does more to retrieve one of England’s most magnificent radicals than anything that has ever been done before.”  Terry Eagleton

“These Are The Times is magnificent, huge, human, an education in history, of course, but also in the human spirit.”   Tom Stoppard

“A really major piece of writing which adds new meaning to the notion of the screenplay.  It is a classic text, which carries great concerns forward with great humanity.”  Troy Kennedy Martin

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